Bre Z. Photography | Portrait Session FAQ

Where do you take photos?

We can take photos at a variety of locations within Kitsap County & beyond. Generally, city and county parks, around town, waterfronts and beaches, nature preserves, marinas and more. I'll ask you what, if anything particular, you envision being your 'backdrop', whether that's beachy, forested, city-esque/urban, etc. to help determine a location that will best represent you. I have a list I will send you with lots of ideas & descriptions of what the locations are like.


What is your photography style?

I like to refer to my style as naturally-posed with a sprinkle of lifestyle. I always include a few poses that will be look-at-the-camera-and-smile shots, but encourage interaction for genuine moments. I'll find great backdrops to place you against, coach you as much as feels necessary on placement and posing and shoot! You will probably be a little bit nervous at first, but trust me when I say you'll find yourself having fun. Always speak up if for some reason a pose is uncomfortable or if you just need a moment to relax your cheeks!


Do you charge for travel?

I no longer charge for travel. Instead, my packages have some location restraints, and I have a travel cap at no more than 1.5 hours from my location (Bremerton). Kitsap County locations may be used for any package - however, if you would like to use a location outside of Kitsap County (Port Townsend, Tacoma, Seattle etc.) the deluxe or luxury package will be the two eligible packages. Keep in mind with multiple location packages, to account for the travel time between within the session time once it begins. See the pricing page or my about page for a coverage area map.


What do I/we wear?

Coordinate your colors and styles without matching exactly, but rather complimenting each other with colors, patterns, and accessories. Stay away from neon colored clothing (highlighter yellow, florescent pink etc), as these often will create a color cast on your skin. I have a pinterest board here that I save outfit ideas and tips for every shoot from couples to families, and even elopements.


Can I/we bring pets?

I absolutely love animals and always welcome it! All I ask is that you have someone accompany you to your shoot to hold off your pet(s) when we are not including them in photos.


What's your turnaround time?

From the end of your shoot, to sending you proofs to select your favorite images will be about 14 days. Once you've selected your images for your gallery, allow another 2-3 days for me to finalize and upload your selections and create your print release. You will then receive and email with your gallery link and password code to be able to download all your images and print release file from your gallery.


What rights do I get for my photos?

All of my packages include a print release for all digital files included or purchased - this is standard among photographers who provide digital images. With this release, you are absolutely welcome to print, share online and post, even give files or prints to friends and family. Any use deemed personal is okay; meaning you are free to display in your home, use your photos for gifts, cards, make books, and so forth. Selling or entering the images in photography contests, or commercial or business use are examples of uses that would not be allowed. In short, the bottom line question to determine if the use would be okay is, "would this make me any form of profit?" If the answer is yes, regardless of direct or indirect profit arising, then that use would be outside of your print release. A common misconception is that "copyright" literally means having the right to copy/print - it actually refers to the author of the photograph. I need the retention of the copyright to be able to continue to promote my business and share with my audience of potential clients and followers what I am producing. Please note that editing and altering is prohibited, as part of retaining copyright involves protecting the integrity of my art and advertised style. I happily welcome any questions regarding this as I completely understand it can be confusing!


What do we even do with all these photos?!

Your print release gives you a huge range of opportunities to use your photos and get them on the walls! Many products are available for purchase right in your gallery print shop for the easiest experience, or you can use the high resolution image files to get products made somewhere of your choosing. Galleries are linked to a professional print lab with experienced photo lab technicians I have worked closely with for years - you can be confident I'll get you the best color. Because I personally approve orders made through my galleries, all orders are reviewed for crop settings and color prior to placement. You can find standard print sizes here from 4x6 up to large sizes like 24x36, as well as framing options to get a completely finished product, canvas prints & options for collage prints. Keep in mind I also sell professional albums from a purse-sized 4"x4" to an impressive 12"x12".

Best places to print:

For prints, through your gallery's print shop - Instructions

For invitations, announcements, save the dates & any other cards, I recommend Minted, Simply to Impress, Tiny Prints

For metal prints, calendars & other gifts, I recommend Mpix

Worst places to print:

Box store print labs such as Kinkos, Fred Meyer, Walgreens, Walmart

Low quality online labs such as Shutterfly, Vistaprint