Bre's Session Location Ideas

The following are locations I am familiar with or have actually photographed at to help us choose a great spot for your shoot. You can choose your own location for your session, but if you're here, you probably asked for some ideas or I sent it along! Please let me know if you have any questions.

´╗┐Kitsap County Locations


Evergreen Park - very green, grassy, waterfront, rocky beach strip

Bremerton Fountain Park & Marina - waterfront, big fountains, colorful, boats, boardwalks, benches, downtown

Lion's Field - rocky beach area, benches, waterfront, grassy

Brownsville Marina - waterfront view, boardwalk

Anna Smith Park - waterfront view, beach strip, tall trees, trail, garden area, pond

Bremerton Art Wall - colorful graffiti wall, urban

Illahee Reserve Heritage Park - heavily wooded, tall trees

Illahee State Park - heavily wooded, tall trees, grassy areas, beach access

Theler Trails (Belfair) - wetlands, boardwalks, trails, tall trees, lots of foliage, greenery


Waterfront Park - boardwalk, rocky beach, benches, big logs, tall grass

Old Mill Park - very green, waterfront, rocky beach, big rocks, grassy areas, tunnel-like paths

Anderson Landing - short hike, tall trees, ponds, hilly, fallen trees, very green

Island Lake - waterfront, docks, benches, grassy areas, paved trails, bridge

Clear Creek Trail - boardwalk/bridge, grassy areas, benches, pine trees, trails - use the Schold Rd trailhead

Scenic Beach State Park - mountain views, small metal bridge, trees, beach, logs, heavily wooded

Guillemot Cove (Seabeck) - Mountain views, boardwalk, tall grasses, beach, logs, stump house, trails, tall trees - Deluxe or Extended Sessions only for this location, there is 20+ minute hike each way on a hill.


Fish Park (Poulsbo) - trails, boardwalks, benches, ponds, tall skinny trees, sculptures, tall grasses

Poulsbo Waterfront - view of marina, boardwalk, downtown

Point no Point Beach (Hansville) - lighthouse, tall grasses, waterfront, beach, log forts, trails

Salisbury County Park (Poulsbo) - mountain views, beach, wooded areas

Port Gamble - old town, colorful, waterfront, grassy areas, benches

Fay Bainbridge Park - beach, tall grasses, boardwalk

Port Orchard-Gig Harbor

Howe Farm - grassy areas, logs, trees, big barn, tall grass, pond

Bay Street, Port Orchard - downtown area, mountain views, boardwalk, beach access, graffiti wall, benches

Manchester Waterfront - beach, boardwalk, logs

Anderson Point County Park - beach, waterfront views, tall trees, trails, grassy areas

Sunrise Beach County Park - waterfront, beach, grassy areas

Manchester State Park - waterfront, beach, logs, grassy areas, old military buildings, trails, wooded

Banner Forest Heritage Park - trees, trails, greenery

Long Lake County Park - water view, park setting, trails with tall trees/filtered light, benches

Locations outside of Kitsap County

*Note: Locations outside Kitsap are only eligible for the deluxe & extended session packages

Wild Hearts Farm (Tacoma) - large barn, lighted garden features, fences, inside/outside settings ($50/hour Permit Fee)

Port Townsend - unique architecture, waterfront, colorful, vintage, retro

North Beach Park (Port Townsend) - great for sunsets, beach, bluffs, logs, tall grasses

Fort Worden State Park (Port Townsend) - bunkers, beach, tall grasses, historical

Point Defiance Park (Tacoma) - rose garden, trails, grassy areas, bridges, greenery, beach access nearby

Glass Museum (Tacoma) - modern/urban, unique art & architecture, colorful, steps, downtown, marina view, city

Wright Park (Tacoma) - trails, grass, benches, trees