Chances are, if you're here reading this, you might be planning your wedding in the super early stages, the we've-got-some-time-but-I-need-ideas stage, or the OH S#!T stage. Whatever stage it may be, a lot of details go into this process, and I am hopeful that if you're striving for a beautiful day on any budget, this information helps you. Funny enough, I've been a wedding photographer for 10 years this very month (YAY!) and am in the middle of planning my own on a modest budget. Before this, I could whip up a timeline with minimal information, give you tons of vendor recommendations, and go on all day about cute decoration ideas I've seen - but planning my own has really driven home how many details there are to handle, and how QUICKLY it all adds up. Surely, everyone's vision, wants, and needs are different, and my opinions on places to cut or not to cut the budget may differ than others - and the bottom line is that "budget" is entirely subjective. But if you're like me, and want a beautiful day (even a little Instagram-worthy) but don't want to go with the top-of-the-line everything, that the ideas I'm about to share will make your planning just a little bit smoother.

The vendors & businesses linked through this post are primarily in Kitsap County & surrounding areas (Washington State). However, the information will be useful to anyone planning, anywhere! If you're currently searching for your wedding photographer, I offer my recommended vendor list to my clients after booking; It has WAY more recommendations on businesses & vendors than this article even features, which can also be very helpful!


Cover Photo: Dahlias from Sly Hill Farms, Greenery from Costco



Check out local parks or even city, county and state parks out of your area. Often times these locations will have minimal fees or less than your average wedding venue. One special gem in the PNW is the Friend's Barn at Fort Townsend State Park, renting for only $300/day, tables and chairs included! The downside to city and county parks may be limitations on alcohol. Be sure to verify before booking.


You don't need a big backyard to have a beautiful wedding, but I have photographed backyard weddings with guest counts from just a few to over 100! Brainstorm if a friend or family member might have a good size yard to use.

"We saved $6000 on a Saturday wedding with 150 people by having it in a backyard instead. This is great for people who have years to plan so they have time to landscape and let plants/flowers settle in nicely. We had a year and a half to plan and it looks amazing so far!" - Melissa O.

Weekday Weddings

Many venues have weekday rates. You may save hundreds to thousands by simply switching your big day to a weekday. Most often, the special rates are for Monday-Thursdays, but sometimes Friday will be looped in. The season you choose will also come into play, for venues specifically, and often times Fall & Winter will have lower rates than Spring & Summer, with Summer being by far the most expensive at most venues.

Rental Properties

You can rent beautiful and accommodating vacation homes on websites such as Airbnb and VRBO. Sizes of the wedding and amount of people that can stay overnight may vary. Be sure to check with the property owner FIRST, before setting your plans - Properties must have certain requirements before they can permit events. Some properties may work for larger weddings, but I find rental homes the best for intimate affairs. Consider a private chef for your dinner if the location has a good sized kitchen!

A backyard wedding in September. The couple grew all the sunflowers for the big day!

A beautiful wedding at Island Lake County Park's rentable cabin in Silverdale, WA.

Floral Options

Faux Flowers

Some people hear "fake flowers" and equate them to tacky. This is simply not true! There have been many weddings where I could not even tell the difference until I looked very close. Faux flowers are great for many reasons - They won't wilt, they can be gifted as keepsakes, and they're ready to go vs. requiring timely delivery and delicate care. Even a strand of faux eucalyptus or other greenery makes for an elegant centerpiece or arbor touch.

Some great options for faux flowers:

Real Flowers

  • Reuse your arbor flowers for your sweetheart table. This can save you $100's. Be sure that someone is either in charge of moving it or your florist can instruct you how, and that they know this is the plan so it is constructed accordingly - An arbor put together delicately piece by piece will not be a good idea to try and dismantle and move.
  • Ask for bud vases instead of full arrangements. Simple and sweet, this is a great way to save.
  • Ask your florist what flowers are in season, and in more affordable ranges. Requesting high-end and out of season flowers will raise your costs.
  • Baby's breath is one of the most affordable flowers to purchase in bulk. It can be used in almost any décor aspect; In tin buckets for your aisle, placed on the ground, hung off the seats with ribbons, or on a hook in the grass. It can also be a simple cake decoration!
  • Costco actually has great deals on flowers, with full floral sets and greenery and more.

Local Farms & Markets

Check your local farms, and farmer's markets. Often times they will sell low-cost bouquets, U-Cut options where you pick your own from their farm, or bunches & buckets of beautiful flowers that you can use to arrange bouquets, centerpieces, and more.

"We cut costs on flowers, we got them from the Bremerton Farmers Market and it was whatever we wanted at $50 a 5-gallon bucket. We got 3 then had friends and family make the arrangements. Super fun to do!" - Caitlin J.

Local farms & markets to check out:

Alternate Flowers

  • Wood flowers are up and coming and are so unique. Sola Wood Flowers is the main brand offered, and you can even find florists that specialize in it - or DIY! Though not the cheapest option out there, there's often sales, and many bundle deals. If you've got a while to plan and craft, you could collect and whip up your flowers over time. I tried out a bouquet kit and while it was a bit of a learning curve, it was really fun picking out my exact colors and putting everything together!
  • Paper flowers are so unique and can make for beautiful bouquets, boutonnières, centerpieces and more. Whether you're a bookworm, crafty, or just like the look, they're a great option.
  • Felt flowers are very cute and can be made or purchased from a business - Plenty can be found on Etsy, or you can search around on Pinterest for directions on DIY.

DIY bouquet hoops with faux flowers in place of traditional bouquets.

An arbor decorated with beautiful faux wisteria. I could barely tell the difference!

Baby's breath for bouquets and other arrangements is simple, sweet and affordable.

A centerpiece made with Sola wood flowers.

A cute container for a bunch of beautiful flowers purchased from a local farm. Between the string lights and the pops of color, this simple table is still photogenic and beautiful.

A unique paper bouquet.

Cake & Desserts

Local Bakeries

Your cake doesn't necessarily have to scream "wedding" - if you're looking for simple rounds or even a little decorating, you can probably find a delicious pre-made or simple custom cake, at a local bakery. This is not to confuse that "local" bakeries often also make extravagant cakes, but rather that you can still have a nice cake table without a huge, tiered and decoration adorned cake (Unless that's your dream, then you go for it & keep scrolling!)

"Saved hundreds buying beautiful chocolate cakes from a local bakery instead of a wedding cake!" - Adriana B.

Dessert TableS

It's getting more and more commonplace to not serve guests cake at weddings but rather have a dessert table featuring a variety of treats. This last season, I even had a cookie cake; Big 7-8" cookies with frosting between each one, piled into a cake! They cut it, and had a cookie bar for guests, where they could pick out cookies for a treat bag. Other ideas are donut bars, cupcakes, chocolate fondue fountains, macarons, and I've even seen pies (or mini pies!)

Half Serving Cakes

If you have the big cake dream but not the big budget, this little trick may be for you. Not every one of your wedding guests will want cake, or eat a whole piece. You can ask your cake baker about doing a cake quoted with half-servings; This can cut your cost, well, in half! You can supplement with other desserts if you want to, and still have some cake for everyone, just smaller portion sizes.

Sheet Cakes

Get the cute cutting cake for the two of you and serve your guests sheet cake slices! Sheet cakes are affordable, simple, and can be a great supplement to a cutting cake that doesn't run the cost of large, tiered cakes. You can get sheet cakes at grocery stores, Costco, and local bakeries for great prices.

A cookie cake & cookie bar!

A sweet cutting cake with cupcakes for guests.

A donut bar for dessert - I loved the "Holy Matrimony" display!

Mini pies! This is actually the only wedding I've seen these done at, & I think they're totally underrated! Perfect size and so affordable.

A beautiful pastel Spring wedding, featuring a round cake adorned with flowers and a variety of cookies.

Macarons are a super fun one! They can be offered as the sole dessert, or many bakeries will let you purchase in dozens if you'll have other desserts as well. My favorite is lavendar vanilla!

Simple chocolate cakes from a local bakery, displayed a little more interestingly with crates and baby's breath.

Food & catering

Food Trucks

Not only are food trucks unique for a wedding, they're often really affordable catering options! At a low point of $9 a plate for some entrees, you can really cut down catering costs from your budget. Often times your food truck will have you pick from entrees to offer, just like a caterer would, and you can put your guests' options on their RSVP. There are SO many delicious options are available for food trucks in the PNW.

Some great food trucks to check out:


Buffets are another great option for affordable catering. Generally, a buffet will cost the most if there are employees serving guests at the buffet, or provide wait service or cleanup service to your tables.

Some great caterers to check out:


These bars let your guests assemble their food how they want and can be an affordable and fun option, and allows a lot of room for creativity!

Taco Bars

Taco bars are popular, fun and delicious! They can be catered, or put together yourself with the help of friends and family. You can set out multiple options for meats and fillings like cheese, lettuce, salsas and different sauces. Dress up your table with chalkboard signs and flower arrangements. Put out some chips, too! I've also seen Chipotle cater event taco bars!

Burger Bars

Another dinner "bar" I've seen done is a burger bar. Easily find multi-tiered displays at local home décor stores like TJMaxx, Homegoods and Marshalls to display toppings.

"All Fired Up BBQ" brings a smoker to your event for delicious BBQ entrees!

A beautiful display for a burger bar!

Taco bar with cute chalkboards for the signage.

Serving Drinks

"Signature" Cocktails

Instead of a potentially painful bill for an open-bar, offer your guests a couple signature cocktails. This can be your own favorites, or just two options that make sense. Popular signature cocktails I've seen have been mojitos (my favorite!), mules, margaritas, tequila sunrise or sunset, gin & tonic, screwdrivers, and so many more. Ask your bartender for ideas! An excellent bartender to go to in our area is Kitsap Bartending Services; they even have the amazing Bustender for a unique VW bus bar!


Kegs of beer or cider are less wasteful and often more affordable than purchasing racks and racks of cans and bottles. Check with your local alcohol vendor (such as BevMo or Total Wine) or local breweries for seasonal options. Silver City Brewery is a popular favorite in the Kitsap area. My favorite beers of theirs are Ridgetop Red and Ziggy Zoggy! (Note: Make sure your venue location allows kegs - I know it sounds silly, but Washington State Parks for instance, do not allow them in the parks.)


For affordable wine, check out your local Trader Joe's. At just $3.99 a bottle for the cheapest option, it's incredibly affordable to offer a variety of wine options without breaking the bank. They were coined the name "Two-Buck Chuck" because they previously retailed for $1.99. Wine options to consider are white wines like Riesling and White Zinfandel, reds like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, or one of my favorites, a Rosé.

Alcohol Amounts

Make sure you consider how much variety you're offering, and your guest count. The rule of thumb is "1 drink per guest per hour" - If you are offering multiple drink options, you don't need to have one of each of those on hand for every guest for every hour. Talk to your bartender about amounts to purchase so you don't over spend. You also can likely return unopened wine and beer cases if you buy from a retailer like Total Wine (Varies by State.)

A custom keg with Silver City beers.

A variety of wine options at a Summer wedding.

Dress Shopping

Second Hand Stores

You wouldn't believe the finds you can come across at secondhand bridal shops. Score donated floor-sample dresses, or lightly worn dresses at great prices - name brands included! Brides for a Cause is the most popular in the area, with shops in Tacoma, Seattle, and Portland. They also donate proceeds to charities. Try looking at Facebook Marketplace and join local wedding Facebook groups for secondhand or new, unwanted dresses as well.

Online Stores

  • Etsy is chalked full of seamstresses and designers that could make your dream dress custom to you.
  • Azazie will allow custom sizing, many options and even the chance to try on bridesmaid dresses and bridal gowns before purchasing.
  • Rent the Runway has rentable designer dresses, perfect for bridesmaids, family and guests alike.


Bridesmaids dresses DON'T all have to be the same color or style! I have seen beautiful color schemes and dresses purchased from places like Target, Amazon and more, with patterns or mismatched colors. Mixing it up can also be a plus so that each member of the party gets to choose something very flattering to them.

A beautiful gown from Anthropologie's bridal line, BHLDN. These dresses can be quite affordable and there are so many unique styles and options.

These tropical themed wedding dresses came from Amazon. They were so fun and photogenic - perfect for their theme, which was pineapples and beer!

Decor Ideas

Table Design

Table Settings

  • Thrift mismatched vintage plates for a cheap and beautiful setting.
  • Disposable, recyclable or compostable plates and utensils are widely available now, and come in almost styles nearly comparable to the real thing! They are usually much more affordable than renting, and require no dishwashing or returning to a company.
  • Pre-wrapped place settings with disposable napkins, some tie or ribbon, & a simple piece of faux greenery. They're easy to set out for each guest, vs individually placing each utensil or needing everyone to grab their own, and just make for a nice addition to your table.
  • Laser cut placemats are very affordable, and can be made in any color, neutral or to match your colors, and add that extra oomph to the place settings (as well as a little protection for messy eaters!)
  • Place cards can be done in so many unique ways. Some ideas are corks, coasters with your guests' names (try the glass painting + Cricut idea!), dip-dyed tent cards, mini wood rounds, bookmarks with guests names and a little ribbon, succulent planters with placecards, mini bottles of champagne with nametags, and more! There are SO MANY ideas.
  • Cheesecloth can be purchased plain and dyed to match your decor and makes beautiful table drapes, runners or chair accessories.
  • Tablecloths can often be rented for affordable prices, or found in bulk online. Get a hand steamer & make sure you steam well ahead.


  • Spray paint old bottles - wine, beer or otherwise - with your colors to put flower stems in! You can do all kinds of colors and sheens and really make it unique. You can use them as centerpieces, and even paint all the table numbers on them.
  • Mason jars are an old favorite. Fill them with your farm flowers or faux stems & bunches for a cute rustic centerpiece. You could also put fairly lights in them, or battery tea lights/candles. Try adding ribbon or lace.
  • Fairy lights can be a great option for affordable lighting and can be put in so many things, from jars to bottles & even old lanterns, for a romantic glow. They can be purchased in bulk online.
  • Dip dye vases - Get some paint, and dollar store vases, and just like it sounds, dip them in paint! This could be done with subtle colors, metallic/glitters or bold colors.
  • Framed table numbers - Get cheap 4x6 or 5x7 frames from your dollar store or craft store, and print your table numbers! If you don't have a printer, try FedEx, Kinkos or Staples. Check out Etsy for tons of beautiful custom designs you can download and edit.
  • Clear vases with colored petals & water inside. You can do any colors you want, and even coordinate your napkins for a simple yet bold display. I have also seen people put full faux floral heads inside the jars with marbles and other creative additions.

Mismatched thrifted vintage plates.

These faux petals floating in water make for a pop of color against the white tables.

This table design is so simple yet elegant - paper flowers in a mason jar set on a small wood plate.

Other Wedding Decor

Signage Ideas

  • Old windows make great DIY signage. Ask around for old windows from remodels, or check thrift shops. Windows can be painted and written on to serve as welcome signs, seating charts, menus, schedules and more.
  • Wood palettes make great schedule boards! Write the time and event on each plank so your guests know when everything's happening, or hang photos from it like a wall.
  • Glass sheets with paint pen and paint - this trend has been really popular and is so easy if you have good handwriting or can have someone write on them for you. Paint on the backs of the glass with brush strokes, sort of in a back and forth, then on the fronts with a bold paint pen or lettering decals made with a Cricut. If you don't own one or know anyone with a Cricut to borrow, you can find Etsy sellers that make custom decals of any size and font to ship to you.


  • Wooden crates set upside down as little tables for arrangements at the start of the aisle is an affordable and simple option for a beautiful aisle entrance. Set out signs for your ceremony here also, or place baskets with ceremony exit handouts, like bubbles or confetti bags to make even more use of the crates. Wooden crates can also give height to other displays.
  • Camp lanterns set at the end of the aisles on wooden stumps is a cute and easy aisle piece.
  • Thrifted rugs for the aisle! I've seen this done as the entire aisle (you'd probably want 4x6 rugs minimum) or just at the alter to stand on. It's cute, and keeps your dress cleaner.
  • Colorful paper pinwheels can be a fun Springy wedding decoration, and you can usually find them at Party City.
  • Paper hearts on sticks stuck in the grass along the aisle is a super unique and sweet way to line your walk. Make them tall enough!

Guest Welcome Tables

  • Instax photo guest books are super popular. The little cameras are user-friendly, and very easy to come by. Search for a used one or purchase new for around $60. Film for the cameras can be found at your local electronics stores usually, or Targets and Walmarts and on Amazon. Set out a blank book with a pen and some tape, or a frame with twine and mini clothespins to display the photos. Designate a film replacer!
  • Jenga sets - Buy a plain jenga set, set out some markers, and let guests sign the planks!
  • Globe guestbooks are unique and rising in popularity. Check out a local thrift shop for a vintage globe, tape off the stand and spray paint a neutral color to make it easy to write on. You can brush paint the base with an acrylic paint (do a few coats!) & even write your names on it or date, & let guests sign it.

Glass table numbers with a little wooden stand & printed photos make for a sweet centerpiece idea.

This wood palette was used to display pictures of the couple; If you can tell, it also was placed to hide the electric panel on the building at this location. Get creative!

An Instax camera with blank scrapbook pages and pens for a memorable guest book.

Wedding Favors


This tip comes with input from a favorite wedding planner friend of mine, Kelly E., and is my favorite tip for planning on a budget. Pick favors that are USEFUL at the wedding to cut out an entire budget item as a two-in-one! Here's some ideas:

  • Customized drinking glasses for each guest. They could have their names on each, to cut out the need for place cards with names, and cups/glasses at the bar, and offer a take home gift for everyone. I've also seen mason jars with chalk labels for each guest to write their own names. Drinking glasses could be mugs, wine glasses, beer glasses, etc.
  • Pre-made treat bags or a treat bar with bags for guests to add their choices to as favors. If you want to label them, make customized labels with Avery labels & their online label maker or find a seller on Etsy that makes ones you like. Treat bags/treat bars could be trail mix, candy, cookies, etc. This lets your guests take favors home, & also get a snack!
  • Desserts as a centerpiece. Try displaying desserts & treats as a centerpiece creatively! You won't need a separate dessert table, and everyone at the tables will have desserts available. Charcuterie centerpieces for example are a fun way to do this.
  • Use favors in your table design, like drink cozies or soaps. Again, they can either simply be part of your table design, or you could customize them with names to mark guests' seats.
  • A custom gift as a place card for seating. Check out the place settings section above.

Custom wine glasses & decorated mini champagne bottles for a fun favor and glass for every guest - and look how nice they make the tables!

This wedding had centerpieces with favors and candies matching their theme. It made for really cute tables and an easy table setup.

What About Other Parts of my Budget, like Photography, Music, and so on?

I want to note - "budget" is subjective, and the things that are most important to you will reign over any suggestions from others, but these are the opinions I share with all my couples when they are looking for places to cut or save.

Photography: My biggest advice is to not go cheap on photography, as it's all you will walk away with at the end of the day. A good photographer can really make a not-so-elegant location look pretty.

DJ: If you're having a lot of guests, I wouldn't cut down on a good DJ either - they keep your party going! If you're having a small affair however, you can hire a DJ for ceremony sound at the minimum. It's tempting to throw a playlist on the speakers yourself, but if there's any technical errors or you need someone to hype up the crowd, you'll likely wish you had a professional familiar with the right equipment, and timing - and someone you can really trust to run everything.

Makeup/Hair: A good makeup and hair artist are also valuable, especially if you are not entirely comfortable with doing it yourself. You want it to last beautifully through all the moments of the day.

Planners: If you can manage planning a lot of your wedding without feeling totally stressed out, you may be able to save on the wedding planner costs and just get a day-of coordinator. Trust me - you DON'T want to be the one in charge on your day! I highly recommend Lovingly Yours Weddings & Events, and CME Experience, whether you want the full wedding planning experience or day-of. Both also officiate ceremonies as well as offer other services.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Interested in booking me as your photographer? I'd love to hear from you!