Wedding Photography FAQ

How do we meet you to see if you're the right fit?

COVID-19 UPDATE: Consultations can be either in-person pending our local restrictions, or I will happily discuss via phone.

I offer free consultations with no obligations. I do these in the Kitsap County area, generally at coffee shops. I'll bring physical albums from other weddings, show you real wedding timeline samples, and help create a rough draft timeline for you based on what you know about your plans so far, to see what package might be the best option. If you're not local, we can discuss via phone.

How many photos will we get?

I generally deliver 50-100 images per hour booked. It all depends on the number of hours, size of the wedding (wedding party, guest count, venue size, amount of events that occur, etc) number of photographers & other individual factors. I go through all the images carefully and pick out the best photos, avoiding the ones with closed eyes/duplicate shots/unflattering etc.

How do we see more weddings you've photographed?

Absolutely! Please see my blog to poke around and find other weddings I've photographed, or request to view a few full galleries.

What are your travel terms?

I reside in Kitsap County, but travel between Kitsap, Pierce, Mason, and Jefferson Counties. Includes: Bremerton, Silverdale, Poulsbo, Port Orchard, Port Gamble, Port Townsend, Kingston, Bainbridge Island, Gig Harbor, Tacoma, Olympia. Maximum travel radius is approximately 1 hour or 50 miles from Bremerton, WA. (generally up to 1 hour from Bremerton or 50 miles cap). If using multiple locations for your session, remember to account for the traveling time between the locations. Note: Basic Engagement Sessions are only eligible for Kitsap County locations.

What is your photography style?

I like to refer to my style as naturally-posed with a sprinkle of candids; Colorful, light-hearted and timeless. I always include a few poses that will be look-at-the-camera-and-smile shots, but encourage interaction for genuine moments with couples/families, and do my best to make individuals feel relaxed and create natural reactions and smiles. I'll find great backdrops to place you against, coach you as much as feels necessary on placement and posing and shoot! You will probably be a little bit nervous at first and maybe even feel silly, but trust me when I say you'll find yourself having fun. I love details of a wedding day so I will always be sure to include close ups of decorations, floral pieces, the rings, various views of the venue and more - it completes the storytelling aspect of a wedding photography album and documents all the hard work you put into the feel and vision for your day. You'll see me finding a variety of angles to shoot every aspect of the day from the ceremony to the reception, focusing on the two of you but also making sure to get plenty of candid photos of your guests. You'll likely not know I was even taking certain photos, so it's always so much fun to share wedding galleries!

Do you bring your own lighting?

I have an assortment of flashes and lighting equipment and am able to work with a variety of lighting situations to make beautiful photos! I will evaluate the lighting around your venue to determine what is necessary.

Are you insured?

Yes! I can also provide a certificate of liability insurance written to your venue if required. Please try to ask me at least a few weeks prior to the date so I have adequate time to get it from my insurance company.

Do you use backups?

Absolutely. At every wedding, I bring 2 cameras, plenty of memory cards and batteries and a variety of lenses. While shooting, I utilize two memory card slots for an instant backup on-site in the event a card fails. I carry both cameras with me most of the day on a double-strap shoulder harness to avoid having to change lenses during important moments. Carrying on post wedding, I backup your images to multiple locations.

Do you visit our venue ahead of time?

I will be at your venue early to see where the events are happening, get my equipment ready, and scout the best locations for portraits and so on. I will also look at other wedding galleries from the venue online to get an idea of what it is like. It is easiest for me to see the venue to prepare as it is set up for your specific wedding day than try to imagine it by going before in a different time of year/season/weather etc.

What do we wear for our engagement photos?

Coordinate your colors and styles without matching exactly, but rather complimenting each other with colors, patterns, and accessories. Stay away from neon colored clothing (highlighter yellow, florescent pink etc), as these often will create a color cast on your skin. I have a Pinterest board here that I use to save outfit ideas and tips to share with clients.

What's your turnaround time?

Approximately 6-8 weeks, depending on the size of the wedding and my current workload. Products included in your package will ship a few weeks following gallery completion. If you're ordering an album, you will have
the option to select images from your gallery. Allow approximately 14 days for initial album design. Following design proofing, expect an additional amount of time depending on changes you request prior to ordering.

Who do you use as a second shooter?

I always select my second shooters from a list of my favorite wedding photography professionals that will be the most helpful in documenting your day from every angle. Because they are running businesses just like me, they book their own weddings, so I keep plenty of contacts that I would trust to call on if the first choice books their own job.

Should my ceremony be unplugged?

An unplugged ceremony (guests put away cameras & cell phones) means your guests are fully present for your ceremony, vice trying to get a great photo on their devices. It also avoids having phones and cameras and arms blocking people's faces and important events, which happens sometimes as guests lean into the aisle, stand, walk around, hold cameras and phones up, and so forth during the ceremony. It also avoids any unwanted flash going off which can actually affect your photographers photos, as they will have their settings adjusted for the lighting they are in in, and if a sudden burst of light from someone's camera or phone is presented, it can sometimes ruin the photographer's image as they are not adjusted for that amount of light. There are plenty of examples online for wording to have your officiant use to gently ask guests to stow away phones and cameras for the ceremony. While I do advise an unplugged ceremony, it is ultimately your own choice!

What rights do I get for my photos?

All of my packages include a print release for all digital files included or purchased - this is standard among photographers who provide digital images. With this release, you are absolutely welcome to print, share online and post, even give files or prints to friends and family. Any use deemed personal is okay; meaning you are free to display in your home, use your photos for gifts, cards, make books, and so forth. Selling or entering the images in photography contests, or commercial or business use are examples of uses that would not be allowed. A common misconception is that "copyright" literally means having the right to copy/print - it actually refers to the author of the photograph. I need the retention of the copyright to be able to continue to promote my business and share with my audience of potential clients and followers what I am producing. Please note that editing and altering is prohibited, as part of retaining copyright involves protecting the integrity of my art and advertised style. I happily welcome any questions regarding this as I completely understand it can be confusing!

What do we even do with all these photos?!

Your print release gives you a huge range of opportunities to use your photos and get them on the walls and in your hands! Many products are available for purchase right in your gallery print shop for the easiest experience, or you can use the high resolution image files to get products made somewhere of your choosing. Galleries are linked to a professional print lab with experienced photo lab technicians I have worked closely with for years - you can be confident I'll get you the best color. Because I personally approve orders made through my galleries, all orders are reviewed for crop settings and color prior to placement. You can find standard print sizes here from 4x6 up to large sizes like 24x36, as well as framing options to get a completely finished product, canvas prints & metal prints and more. Keep in mind I also sell professional albums from a pocket-sized 4"x4" to an impressive 12"x12". You are also more than welcome to share your images online on social media. All I ask is that you do not edit the images except for if cropping is needed!

What do you shoot with?

This often doesn't hold a lot of importance to most clients, but I do get asked! I use Canon full frame DSLRS, more specifically two 5D Mark IVs. My lens collection includes a 35mm 1.4, 85mm 1.8, 70-200 2.8, and a 100mm 2.8 macro.

Do you bring your own lighting?

I have an assortment of flashes and am able to work
with a variety of lighting situations to make beautiful
photos! I will evaluate the lighting around your venue
to determine what is necessary.   

Is it helpful to share my Pinterest board?

I would be happy to check out some of your favorite
wedding photos. But remember, you are hiring a
photographer to use their creativity, vision and talent
to capture YOUR unique day! Picking out a few wish
list photos is totally fine - just remember that the photos
shared on Pinterest all involve many different variables
and attempting to copy them or follow a list hinders
the flow and creative process of your photographer. I
do, however use Pinterest to share with clients tips for
planning out outfit tips for sessions - feel free to check
out my boards!

What is the booking & payment process?

To book you will pay a $650 retainer via cash, check or card. This applies toward your total balance. You will both sign my contract online, which will provide all of us with a finished PDF copy (you may also sign a paper copy if you book at your consultation or just want to print it). The remaining balance will be due 30 days prior to your wedding date.

What happens if there are government shutdowns or restrictions once our date arrives?

As we get closer to your date, we can evaluate if we need to adjust your package to a smaller hour count, reduce to one photographer, move locations or other adjustments. I have made changes to my contracts from new situations myself and my couples have found themselves in due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to allow for full refunds if we return to a shutdown causing weddings to cease. Other terms and conditions on this topic will be outlined in your contract and I am happy to answer any questions so you know what to expect when you book me.

What experience do you have with cultural traditions at weddings?

I have photographed a variety of cultural wedding traditions, including the Hora Dance, Persian Sugar Rubbing Ceremony, Sword Ceremony, Chinese Tea Ceremony, and more.

How many weddings have you photographed?

Over 50 and counting!