1. Glowsticks

Your guests will have a blast with these colorful and nostalgic glowsticks. And the bonus is - if your reception isn't quite totally over for your photo op - everyone can take them to the dance floor!

2. biodegradable confetti

Confetti is awesome. We all love confetti - it floats and fills the air and is just plain magic. What we don't love is a mess that's hard to clean, and harmful to animals and the environment. Biodegradable confetti is confetti made completely of paper that will dissolve with water. It's arguably even more amazing and comes in plenty of colors and shapes. (Side note: NEVER use glitter - even if it's marketed biodegradable, it's probably not.) You will still want to ask your venue if biodegradable confetti is permitted, as some venues will not allow any type at all.

Here are a couple of places to buy water-soluble, non-toxic confetti:

3. Bubbles

Bubbles are a fan favorite. Be it bubble guns or bubble wands, they're affordable, easy, and mess-free. And everyone has a fun time.

Did you know your "send off" doesn't have to be the end of the day? Many couples opt to do a fun end of ceremony aisle photo op instead. It makes for a memorable end to your ceremony and transition into the next events.

4. Ribbon wands

Ribbon wands are a unique and entertaining exit idea. They can come in tons of different colors, and even materials, and some can have noise-makers like bells. Guests love to hang onto them for dancing after a ribbon wand tunnel, which is what we did at the wedding you see above!

5. Sparklers

Sparklers are definitely a classic! Lighting up the night for a memorable day's end. Tip: Get the extra long sparklers so you have more time to get them all lighted! (And, make sure your venue allows sparklers! If your wedding is in the Summer, consider having an alternative on hand in case there could be a burn ban on your date.)

6. Paper Airplanes

This one is so fun!!! You can make the planes be in your wedding colors, and they're a blast for your guests. My couple shown above looked super cool (and were super safe with the sunglasses - smart) as they went through their tunnel of paper planes.

They actually had a REAL seaplane they were walking to after this! The most glorious of exits!

The Do's and Don'ts of wedding sendoffs

The Do's of send-offs

  • Consider having your "send-off" photo op take place before the end of the night, generally at the end of the ceremony. You'll get more guests to partake in your photos! Or, do BOTH!
  • CHECK WITH YOUR VENUE FIRST before you spend money on send-off supplies.
  • Have your coordinator or planner execute your send-off so it goes smoothly. If you don't have one, have a trusty friend be responsible for getting guests together and assisting in lining them up and starting the send-off. Your photographer or DJ can also help coordinate the send off.
  • Once again - have a backup plan if you are getting sparklers in Summer. If there is a burn ban, you will be out of luck!

the don'ts

  • Don't use rice. While traditional in send-offs, it has been found to be harmful to birds.
  • Check if any plants/flowers/leaves in your toss materials is actually toxic. While marketed as a trendy wedding sendoff, eucalyptus leaves for example can be toxic to animals.
  • Avoid seed paper confetti. This sets up for unexpected blooms at your venue later on.
  • Don't use glitter, or non-biodegradable confetti. Biodegradable is considered confetti that can be dissolved easily. and as noted above, even glitter marketed as biodegradable is often not truly, so it is still recommended to avoid it.
  • DON'T FORGET to tell your photographer your plans! :)